HOPE Sussex Community – We Will Build HOPE – We Will Defeat The Weapons Used Against Us!

So, as the marquees come down, and last few tents are stuffed back into their bags, we can take a little time to reflect on our weekend.

Without a doubt the 2023 HOPE Sussex Community Mini Freedom Music Festival, was another great success for us. It was well attended with vibrant and talented performers, smiling families and bright, energetic children all enjoying the high energy that only a truth-embracing, freedom loving community could create. Our special guest, David Icke was wonderful – as humble as he is inspirational and wise.

To the State, HOPE Sussex Community is an abomination, because the State continuously requires division and fear, in order to operate and maintain control over the population.

We represent the polar opposite – we have built a community that is flourishing from truth, respect and love. We have rejected the ego, and arrogance, because these are such destructive and negative characteristics.

Such characteristics are encouraged and fostered by the State through social media, mass-media and pop-culture, because of the fracturing and materialism it creates within society. At HOPE, we have observed and now understand these weapons that have been used against us all from birth, and how to defeat them, and we are equipping ourselves with the tools to continue to build into the future.

The UK mass-media machine are carefully controlled by a State that fully recognises its true power. In recent years we have seen the systemic abuse of the UK mass-media become ever more obvious. The thin veneer of ‘free independent journalism’ that courted what was the old Left and Right, could still be seen pre-2020 to some degree, but today such guises seem hardly necessary at all. Today it stands as an out and out propaganda machine controlled by, and for the interests of the controlling parasitical globalists only. If the plandemic charade taught us anything, is that we officially live under a one-party dictatorship, with a one-party propaganda machine.

The mass-media have not failed to notice HOPE Sussex community, and what we represent. At first its attention had been with articles and commentary that have included some of our quotes and responses, and therefore contained a least some degree of fairness. However, that time has now passed. The week before our festival we were notified by a particular mass-media outlet that they were going to be running another article on us at HOPE.  They afforded us very little time to respond which gave us an inkling that it had in fact already been written.

Indeed, the following day a rambling hatchet-job piece full of falsehood and gross misleading exaggerations came out in print, with previous old quotes or comments from us taken completely out of context and twisted. A few days later other mass-media outlets followed suit.

Without a doubt somebody in a seat of power has made a call and insisted that the gloves must now come off, and we at HOPE are to be attacked. But such is the disconnect and arrogance of the State, these attacks have actually had the opposite effect for which they were intended.

In the days leading up to our mini-festival, ticket sales shot-up until we had sold out, with general enquires and messages of support also showing a significant increase. This can also be seen when we look at the public comments sections of mass-media outlets on-line, with an unprecedented number of them showing support or questioning at least the validity of such hatchet-job articles.

How things have changed in only a couple of years!
There are some however that believe that our freedom movement should not participate in social media, or be in any contact with the mass-media when asked for comment from them. However, in this modern world, to do so would be to suffocate ourselves in the very fear that our enemies want us to immerse ourselves. At HOPE we live openly in our peace and truth, and we absolutely will not be bullied into an irrational fear of the mass-media with its lies and manipulations. Put simply, we have nothing to hide, and we will stand firm in our light.

At HOPE we are as resilient as we are entirely dedicated to tenaciously continuing to build our wonderful community. We have so much planned for the future and with the fantastic team we have built, there is simply nothing we cannot achieve.

From all of us at HOPE Sussex Community, we hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

Big Love x
HOPE Sussex Community

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