HOPE Volunteers

Our people – Our volunteers – Our community!

What a buzz we are creating at HOPE Sussex Community! The wonderful people we have around us are hard at work generating energy, and building the very spirit of who we are!

Recently a volunteer team hand-built a huge polytunnel to go with our smaller original one, with a greenhouse also on the way. The food grown so far has been exceptional and the skills being learnt and shared invaluable to our project.

Becoming self-reliant is empowerment, and crucial in demonstrating that we do not need to be reliant on the plastic-wrapped overpriced fruit and veg that have sometimes been shipped halfway around the world. At minimal cost, and with a wonderful team of hardworking and dedicated people, we are creating a fully functional and flourishing garden capable of feeding a community.

The food we produce goes towards creating nutritious meals, which are served in our Hub for our people to enjoy. Our volunteer kitchen team have become well accustomed to a high-vibing busy environment, and their commitment and dedication a wonderful example of the quality of people that make up our community.

As with all such projects, maintenance of our buildings and facilities are an ongoing operation. We have hosted several volunteer weekends where a variety of skills and talents from our supporters have helped to transform our site and continue to improve our ability to serve our community.

Our volunteers are everything – they are the very life-blood of HOPE Sussex Community.

Our Incredible HOPE Volunteers!

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