HOPE Sussex Community

HOPE Sussex Community is now widely regarded as one of the great success stories to have grown out of the chaos and instability of the last few years.

Our community grew from a tiny seed in the midst of this turmoil, a simple and beautiful dream that has been proven to be able to weather the storms, and has been nourished with the light and love from the people that have been drawn to its hope.

Our dream was for a flourishing autonomous community, whose ethos of truth, trust and liberty, would free us from the bonds of a malevolent State, intent on imposing ever tighter control over us all. That dream is today a reality, and with each passing day we become a little more of what we project for ourselves!

A community that loves, learns and grows together, will forge lifelong bonds within its membership, that attract other enlightened souls into our fold. Freedom loving independent tutors that use our facilities, together cover a concise range of educational topics, from the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, through to Art, Drama, Holistic Studies, Foraging, Music and more.

At HOPE Sussex Community, our journey has just begun, and with so much already achieved, the future is set to be a wonderful voyage of growth, discovery and cooperation as one community.

Are you ready to join us?

Upcoming EVENTS at HOPE Sussex Community

Food Foraging Workshop with Rachel | HOPE Sussex Community
HOPE Freedom Music Festival | HOPE Sussex Community
Food Foraging Workshop with Rachel | HOPE Sussex Community
HOPE Freedom Music Festival | HOPE Sussex Community

Education & Empowerment

State schools are unfit for purpose, they are increasingly pushing an agenda that is harmful and eroding to our society, while being falsely presented as ?social progress?.??

At HOPE, private tutors hire our facilities to offer a range of topics from the core subjects of Maths, English and Science, through to Dance & Drama, Music and Life Skills.??

The tutors at HOPE exemplify critical thinking and questioning within their presentations and lessons wherever possible, with the core of their ethos being self-awareness, wholesomeness, and personal improvement.??

We must take responsibly in helping to create generations of confident, bright and dynamic young people, equipped for a future that is going to provide them with wonderful opportunities.?

Health & Wellbeing

Healthy in body, healthy in mind ? keeping ourselves strong, positive and thriving is of vital importance to a flourishing community!

With lots of natural open space, our HOPE kids are able to run, play and interact with nature. They build shelters and forts, play hide & seek and sports, and live the life that they deserve, free from an increasingly oppressive woke-State agenda.

We have foraging sessions for food and medicine, which have proven to be very successful, along with alternative therapy classes and workshops such as yoga and meditation. We are also now facilitating a monthly holistic health clinic which has generated great interest!

Teaching resilience and the importance of regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, forms a crucial aspect of our HOPE ethos.

Community & Events

Community is everything, it is the very essence and lifeblood of who we are as a project. We have grown from a few individuals with a shared vision, into a fully functioning independent community hub for families and individuals that value family, freedom, love and truth above all else.??

Our events are as varied as they are exciting, with seminars and talks covering a variety of topics such as natural remedies, recognising and exercising our human rights, through to critically re-examining, investigating and revising historical events.??

Our musical entertainment has ranged from local bands, a monthly karaoke night, a drumming circle around our fire-pit, and holding very successful festivals that have exceeded all our expectations!?

Food & Self-Sustainability

We are living in a world where our children and communities are at threat from mass-produced products masquerading as food. Levels of preservatives, sugar and chemicals in many of these products are harmful, and their long-term effects hidden or manipulated by those that have become extremely wealthy selling it.??

At HOPE we are rekindling a natural approach and respect for food, by learning to grow, harvest and provide for our community. We are currently yielding winter greens from our first poly-tunnel, which is bursting with life, with others to be built this summer!??

Tutors teach growing techniques to our community and children, and the importance of becoming far more self-sustaining. We will provide the skills to give our people the confidence to grow themselves, and no longer rely on a food industry that is driven solely by greed.??

HOPE Sussex Community Needs Your Support

As with everything that works outside of the control of the State, donations and pledges form a crucial part of our support base.?

Every penny that is donated goes directly to HOPE Sussex Community, there are no deductions made whatsoever ? we get all of it, and we use it diligently to make the most out of it at all times.?

Whether its 50p or ?500, anything you can donate to us will be met with the same tremendous gratitude from all of us at HOPE.

Support us by clicking the button below, and have say by giving your direction how you would like us to best use your generous gift for our community. Thank you so much from all of our hearts, to yours xxx

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Meet HOPE Sussex Community Founders




Katy-jo has been a professional performer on stage and screen, and dance, drama and singing teacher for over 20 years. She is happily married with 3 beautiful children aged 18, 14 and 11 years.

“I took the step to home educate my first daughter when she was 11 years old and I felt extremely isolated. Since then it has been my mission to bring like minded people together in a community, where we can support one another in bringing our children up with the decent morals and values that are fast disappearing in our society today. The families and people that make the HOPE community are the most generous, loving and inspiring souls you could ever wish to have in your life!”

Katy-Jo teaches drama, dance and singing at HOPE and the HOPE Youth Theatre Group puts on regular performances throughout the year.




Sadie is a qualified primary school teacher with 10 years experience, and is a happily married mother of 2 girls and 2 boys, aged from 6 to 14 years.

?Being able to educate as a family, share skills and raise our children within a freedom loving and supportive community, is such a blessing, and I am so proud to be a co-founder of this wonderful project?.

Sadie tutors in a variety of subjects, and has a proven track record of delivering well-structured and exciting sessions, and is a popular member of the tutorage team at HOPE.

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If you are interested in joining our HOPE Community for our home education facilities, workshops, volunteering, events, or PR, please use the button below to get in contact with us.