Positive Podcast & Extras Video Subscription

Suggested Price: £3.00 / Month and 1 Month free trial

HOPE Positive Podcast & Recorded Events Video Subscription

What you will receive from your video subscription:

  • One month free membership!
  • Weekly released content from: Positive Podcast & past live recorded talks from HOPE conferences & events
  • Quality knowledge, expertise & honest experiences and insights by a variety of souls from ex-lawyers, ex-teachers, ex-doctors, healthcare professionals, freedom & truth advocates, musicians, entertainers, spiritual souls and more…
  • By subscribing to HOPE’s Positive Podcast & Extras video subscription, you are financially supporting HOPE Sussex Community and reinvesting back into our video subscription service, to continue bringing you the latest and greatest speakers and information.


By subscribing to HOPE Sussex Community’s video subscription service, you are investing in quality information from knowledgable experts, and your on-going support helps HOPE Sussex Community to keep producing quality content and support the ongoing running costs and development of HOPE Sussex Community site, to benefit children, families and adults.


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